4 Reasons to Consider Real Estate a Good Investment

Real Estate Property: There are many options for us to decide how and where to invest our funds.
Options include: stock market, bond market, commodities, U.S. Treasury go and real estate.
As such, historically many consider real estate to be one of the safest long-term strategies and owning your own home is often considered a key element of the so-called American dream.

This article will try to discuss 4 reasons why many people feel this way and use their funds to buy investment funds as well as family funds. With this in mind, this article will try to examine, review, and briefly consider how and why it is considered.

1. Historically, inflation and many more options exceed the supply rate and or hold.
Among many other reasons, historically, the value of real estate has been appreciated. Including and and / or exceeds the rate of inflation. It is also – the longest – safest, most secure, one of the vehicles, available! Other analyzes also show overall rates for real estate, much more than other options!

2. A number of purposes, including living expenses and property appreciation / value:

When someone buys a home of his own, he satisfies a number of purposes, including the cost of living and the pride of ownership! This is particularly satisfying, however, as the price of the house drives for a long time while doing it, usually at least increasing the rate of inflation.
Many also buy real estate for investment purposes, such as buying a multi-family property, etc. When they do this, they also get tax benefits, including being able to reduce the property on a schedule for tax purposes. Also, remember, if you don’t have your own home you’re still renting, which has no rates!

3. Better than average returns over time:

Related to time: Statistically, on a historical basis, real estate inflation has only increased at a rate higher than inflation, however, better than many other investment vehicles.

4. Pay yourself instead of your homeowner:

Your private home may be owned by you, or by your landlord! When you rent your own accommodation, it provides your accommodation but you will not get any other financial benefits! Who would you rather pay monthly, yourself or your landlord?

It is wise to fully consider your personal situation, comfort zone, and priorities and perceptions before making any investment. After this process, remember to include housing, and real estate in your overall analysis!

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