3 eCommerce Challenges and Solutions for Bad Times

3 eCommerce Challenges and Solutions for hard Time.

How to start selling online more effectively?

Calling this a “hard time” might be an acronym for you, or perhaps you’ve figured out your marketing strategy well and haven’t been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.

There is no controversy about this epidemic because internet traffic has increased as people work online, socialize and entertain.

Rogers Communications Inc. A company that bought wholesale access to its Internet backbone has seen a nearly 50% increase in distributive traffic.

However, increasing Internet usage does not necessarily translate into increased sales for your small business.

Many customers are hesitant to buy, either because they are not sure when they will be able to use your sales service, or because they have been cut or their time has been reduced.

That’s why I’m sharing 3 ecommerce challenges and solutions to help you maintain and even grow as an entrepreneur during this crisis.

Challenge: Making your (ecommerce) business necessary

Lots of entrepreneurs are panicking because they don’t have the traditional ecommerce business model or an ecommerce website.

And many are concerned that they do not have the “necessary” products or services to offer online like grocery stores. (According to Aptopia, InstaCart’s downloads, Walmart grocery applications and shifts increased by 218%, 160% and 124% over a year ago))

Okay, so chances are you don’t sell groceries. However you may still need them for your customers.

Is there a product or service that you can focus on to better serve your target audience? For example:

If you have a clothing store: Fabric face mask, casual wear fits to work from home
If you provide financial, life, or other counseling services: a 30- or 60-minute mental health session; Many people are feeling lonely and isolated because of COVID-19.

If you sell entertainment-related items: Create short videos to highlight fun games, crafts, or puzzles for bored kids or adults Although it is not possible for every small business to master this way, the reality is that if you do not adjust to this “new common” as much as possible, your small business will suffer.

Changing your marketing strategy can be tough but wonder how some creative thinking can transform your situation and increase your web presence.

Challenge: More customer questions and complaints

While having a phone number on your website and your Google My Business results may be pre-epidemic enough, your customers now need your support more than ever.

More people online means more questions, comments and complaints may come your way.

I’m sure you’ve been incredibly frustrated at some point after being held for ages, or not getting any emails back after searching for something. Don’t let your customers have a similar experience on your website.

If you don’t have the ability to manage customer service, consider implementing a chatbot to increase your web presence. A chatbot allows business owners to provide feedback and solutions and even automated customer service to lead and sell-through 24/7 through live chat.

According to IBM, up to 80% of routine customer service questions can be answered via chatbots. While not every query can be dealt with by a chatbot, it is easy, yet time consuming, to accept the questions your customers may have.

Challenge: Website tech issue:

Suppose you already have an ecommerce site for your small business. If you have broken links, 404 pages or slow loading time, your visitors will go elsewhere. (This is always true, not just during the Cavid-19)

Even a clever 404 page can’t save you from losing visitors (and potential sales).

Also, you are not going to have a weak user experience among your audience. If someone doesn’t trust your website, no one is going to enter their contact or credit card information.

Not to mention, a useless website is a target for hackers.

Remember: You are not only responsible for storing your own information, but also for your visitors. Security requirements are always changing and no small or large business is safe.

That’s why it’s important to monitor for glitches, update your software, and back up your site regularly for the best user experience.

Now, what if you want to start selling online in response to the Cavid-19? There are sites that allow you to start an ecommerce website yourself, remember that your website is your number one marketing tool.

There is a big difference between the type of font in the call to action and the way you present your small business to the world in the images on your pages.

Also, you won’t get the same customization options when you go to the DIY route.

A professional web development company not only understands the technical aspects of building, but also conveys your message to your target audience.

Read: “17 Strategic Business Pivots for 17 Kavid-19 Periods”, on our website.

That’s how we woke up in another world! The coronavirus epidemic has completely changed our lives and changed the way we do business.

For many, it can be an incredibly scary time to own a business. You are thinking about the health and business of your employees, the bill that is coming is about your income and family obligations.

But instead of overwhelming them with worries, smart small businesses can use this opportunity to plan and prepare for future growth and success. We’ve created a Kavid-19 checklist to help you make the most of this indefinite period.

To increase your web presence you need to start an e-commerce website from scratch or adjust your existing marketing strategy, now is not the time to sit back and wait for the epidemic to spread.

At the moment, your target audience is “alive” online, so you need to tackle the challenges of ecommerce business as quickly and smoothly as possible. Be proactive, master your marketing strategy, and learn from this journey!

Success in your business with that 3 eCommerce Challenges and Solutions. I hope that 3 eCommerce Challenges and Solutions will help you definitely.

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