Top 10 tips and tricks for making coffee 2020

 Making Coffee:

There’s none who does not like coffee in the morning. For some people, coffee should be number one, and if you’re one of those lucky people who can’t stop loving coffee in the morning, you’ll be happy to know that there are other ways for making coffee.

So let’s get started to know Top 10 tips and tricks for making coffee.

Making Coffee tricks below;

1. Decorate your own lats:

With some practice they can arrange their coffee for anyone in the house in such a way that they thought only barristers could pull it off. Baristas makes it easy, and if you do, you can get great and positive results too – especially since you are not a barista who is rushing to do four things at once.

The trick is to work with the milk and make it fruity without any big bubbles and then pour it into a corner coffee cup.

2. Buy fresh whole bean coffee:

Don’t buy pre-ground coffee. Buy fresh beans. Most coffee companies don’t bother with the dates when the beans were packaged – probably because the beans were left there for a few months after picking. Fresh coffee goes off pretty quickly. To find fresh beans, it’s best to check out the coffee shops and some coffee shops will fry them from there and that means fresher coffee for a great source.

Pre-fried coffee beans mean that the beans are emitting more carbon dioxide, which means that the escaped gases are removed from the coffee on a fresh basis and more flavor than fried beans.

3. Use good quality water:

The quality of your water takes into account when it comes to making your coffee. Excess water, which is full of extra minerals, does not bind the coffee that is being made with energy, which leads to weak coffee and not what you expected. Worst of all, the use of this high content of mineral water can cause your coffee maker to create a lime scale. If you use this type of water, you will need to remove your coffee machine regularly, something you do not want.

Lots of filtered water can cause other problems when you make coffee, but light filtered water would be perfect. Also, the optimum temperature for drunk coffee water is 88 to 94 degrees Celsius.

4. How to make your coffee cold-drunk for a different taste:

If you like iced-coffee and want to avoid buying expensive iced-coffee, making your coffee cold is a great option.

There are many ways to make ice coffee but there are also machines that make it possible. One advantage is that this method removes the acids produced by coffee. This method also brings out a variety of flavors to employ a coffee lover, but some dislike it because it lacks acidity.

Alternatively, you can use a special pot, called a mason jar. It’s really simple – you just take your ground coffee, pour it into a container and soak it in cold water for 12 to 24 hours before putting it in the fridge. When it’s ready, simply spread the grounds and serve with ice. Give it a try!

Also, add a caramel syrup or something similar if you want to sweeten it.

5. Measure your coffee:

When you start making coffee, you decide which ratio of coffee is the strongest and which is the weakest so you get the experience of great coffee without weakening it or making it too strong for your tastes.

The most common ratio is 60 grams of grand coffee per liter of water, and the easiest way to do this is to measure the coffee out of a size scale, however, it is possible to measure only 60 grams per gram using a spoon.

Pre. Pre-infused, or inflated

Always make sure you remove the carbon dioxide from the coffee base or your fur will weaken. If you are getting a coffee machine, make sure it has a setting that covers it and make sure it is always on.

Coffee Flowers Common in coffee shops It is made by the roasting method, and the heart traps and traps carbon dioxide with the help of beans. When the roasting is over, the gases are released slowly. This is called “degassing”. Ideally, if you use fresh fried beans, the coffee will have more flavor than roasted and ground beans that have been left for a few days.

7. Mix and dilute for weak coffee:

This is great if you want to make coffee, don’t make it too long, increase how much ground coffee you already have. However, if you like it weak, don’t just make it for a short time but mix it properly and then you dilute it to drink.

8. Tips for using filter paper:

If you prefer to use a filter paper to make a coffee base, gently soak the filter paper in warm water so that it stays wet before use. You can also get water if you only drink coffee. If you pre-wet the paper, you clean it and get rid of the taste of that paper, which means you will still have a great coffee cup.

When you are making a cup of coffee with this method, pour hot water on the base of the coffee in a hot circular motion so that the coffee water slowly appears in the pot. It’s called Bloom. Keep pouring more water slowly over the surface, let it take time to ship and then wait for the coffee to collect at the bottom of the pot.

9. Flavored coffee:

If you like your coffee to taste different, for example some cinnamon, nutmeg or vanilla or almond extract, pour some of those extracts into cream or milk. Sprinkle some cinnamon or nutmeg on top of the coffee, or you can sprinkle some spices like cardamom for coffee that is more spicy and different than the kind you know.

10. Maple syrup dripping rain:

Another alternative to flavored and sweetened coffee is to substitute sugar with maple syrup.

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